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Viktor Bykov Viktor Bykov

Born 19.09.1950 in Saratov, USSR.

General Director of «Nanotechnology MDT", Deputy Director on science of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Lukin Research Institute of Physical Problems".

Specialists in the field of nanotechnology, scanning probe microscopy, molecular-ordered structures and nanodiagnostics methods.

He graduated the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1973, Dolgoprudnyi City). Ph.D. (1998). D.Sc. (2001). Professor of the Department of Microelectronics, MIPT.

From 1973 to 2003 worked in the Lukin Research Institute of Physical Problems . FV (now - FSUE RIPP, Zelenograd): engineer, junior researcher, senior engineer, deputy head of laboratory, head of department.

Led the research in the field of molecular-ordered structures. As a result, a method of orientation of liquid crystals used in the production of LCD indicators
were developed, a new class of materials was created, prototypes of screens were developed (1985-1990).

Led the development of the STM-4 (1990), SOLVER (1995), Integra (2004), NANOFAB (2006). The analytical and technological systems were developed under the leadership of V. Bykov, including more than 40 probe techniques for nano-measurements and nanotechnology impacts. The manufactured equipment comes in to 145 countries. According to an independent agency Future Markets, in 2011 the share of "Nanotechnology MDT" in the world market of probe microscopes was 16% and on this indicator the company ranked second among all world manufacturers of this type of devices.

Author of more than 160 scientific papers, including more than 60 applications for inventions and patents. One of the authors and managers of the National Programme “Molecular electronics”. Head of the project "Molecular nanotechnology". President of Russian Society of Nanotechnology, Chairman of the Guild of high-tech enterprises and innovations of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce. Laureate of the Russian Government in the field of science and technology in 2004.