Joining to the Russian Nanoindustry Assosiation

Who can become a member of the IAN?

Legal entities, resident in the Russian Federation and realizing production activities, educational, scientific and other activities in the field of nanotechnology and innovations, interested in joint achievement of the statutory goals.

Benefits of Membership in the RNA


Regulations for joining into the RNA

To join the Intersectoral Association of Nanoindustry:

  • Fill in the RNA electronic registration form.
  • Complete and submit to the RNA the following documents in the preferred format:
    1. Declaration of accession to the members of the RNA.
    2. Abstract of decision of the management body, authorized to decide on participation in other organizations in accordance with the Charter of your organization, on the membership in the RNA.
    3. Copy of the Charter of your organization.
    4. Copy of an extract from the Register of Companies.
    5. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.
    6. A copy of the Certificate of registration with tax authorities.
    7. A copy of the document confirming the authority of the person acting on behalf of the organization.
  • Upon receipt of the documents, you will be admitted to the RNA by the decision of the RNA Management Board, which passing quarterly.
  • After the formal entry into the RNA, you will receive a login and password for access to services for the RNA members.
  • The samples of documents to join the RNA you will receive by e-mail of the contact person, specified in your electronic registration form.


On provision of the documents related to the membership in the Association, you can always get the advice from an employee of the IAN by phone +7 (499) 553-04-60.