Decision on creation of the intersectoral association of nanoindustry was adopted by the participants of the First Congress of nanotechnology-based enterprises, which took place on September 19, 2012 in Moscow. The Congress was attended by more than 400 representatives of local businesses and organizations of nanoindustry of 38 subjects of the Russian Federation.


Representing the interests of domestic nanotechnology-based enterprises in public institutions and other organizations, formation of collective mechanisms to protect the rights and interests, as well as product promotion.


  • Joint identification of problems and needs of nanotechnology-based enterprises
  • Consolidation of existing resources of nanotechnology-based enterprises
  • Development of common solutions to overcome the existing barriers and problems of development
  • Development of self-regulatory mechanisms in the industry
  • Ensuring representation and protection of interests of nanotechnology-based enterprises in key areas of their development
  • Removal of existing administrative and regulatory barriers


  • creation of favorable conditions for development of the Russian Federation in the sphere of nanotechnologies, increasing competitiveness of Russian producers of nanotechnology products;
  • providing of collective interests in entering the various markets, including international;
  • formation of a single policy in a variety of industries and production on regulatory technical support in the nanotechnology industry;
  • coordination of interaction and development of a single position of the Association members on staff development in various industries and production branches;
  • improve safety and quality of domestic nanotechnology products in various industries and production branches;
  • development of intra-industry cooperation between producers of nanotechnology products, cooperative ties with companies in other industries, international cooperation in the field of nanotechnology;
  • representing the interests of members of the Association in cooperation with public authorities at various levels, industry and public organizations and associations, international and foreign organizations and associations, including in the field of innovation, standardization, education, major industry associations of enterprises in different countries;
  • creation and development of a modern regulatory framework in the field of nanotechnology and innovations.

The main activities

The promotion of nanotechnology products into new markets, including international will be organized on the base of a permanent professional platform of the Association, with conducting by the members of the Association of joint work in the following areas:

  • improving the image of nanotechnology-based enterprises, including by ensuring the safety and quality of nanotechnologycal products and nanotechnology;
  • implementation of joint proposals of nanotechnology-based enterprises to create and update the regulatory framework;
  • lobbying of the nanotechnology-based enterprises.