Professional Standard

A professional standard is a qualification parameter for employees to engage in a certain professional activity.

Procedures for developing, approving and applying professional standards, establishing the identity of duty positions, jobs and occupations outlined in the Unified Rating and Skills Guide for Jobs and Occupations of Manual Workers, the Unified Rating and Skills Guide for Managers, Specialists and Workforce with duty positions, jobs and occupations outlined in the Professional Standards are established by the Government of the Russian Federation considering the opinion of the Russian Tripartite Commission for Regulating Social and Labor Relations."

Article 195.1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation


Traditionally, the Congress addresses a wide range of issues most vital to our businesses, such as government support tools and mechanisms for enhancing them, areas for developing intra-industry cooperation, developing and expanding nanotech product markets, human resources and advanced staff training, improving the regulatory system to create a favorable environment for developing innovative businesses, eliminating obstacles that prevent enterprises from entering complex markets, developing exports for Russian high-tech products, and many more.

  • In 2014, more than 130 specialists from 95 organizations participated in the expert reviews, and in the professional and public debates organized by the Russian Nanoindustry Association: among them there were representatives from 43 nanotech industry businesses, including the Associations members, and representatives from 25 higher education institutions and 27 scientific and production organizations with pilot production facilities. Extensive expert discussion provides for well-founded conclusions on the quality of nanoindustry professional standards, the possibilities of their approval by the National Council for Professional Qualifications, and their applicability as a basis for evaluating professional specialists for conformity with qualification requirements.
  • Another 11 professional nanoindustry standards have been submitted for approval by the Russian Ministry of Labor in 2015. For purposes of supporting nanotech businesses at the initial stage of applying professional standards, in 2015, the Fund together with the Association set out to develop the Procedure for Using Professional Standards for Developing the Structure of Professional Qualifications for Nanotech Industry Businesses. During 2015, a number of professional standards are scheduled to be tested at several nanotech businesses.