O. Kryukova, General Director of NP RNA, held talks with Jan Buk (Czech Republic), Director of Business Development of Pardam Ltd within the framework of Open Innovations forum

On October 16, 2017, on the first day of the Moscow International Forum "Open Innovations", O. Kryukova, General Director of NP RNA, held talks with Jan Buk, Director of Business Development of Pardam Ltd (Czech Republic).

Jan Book presented to the Russian party the Pardam nanotech products. Pardam has been specializing in the production and development of nanoscale materials since 2009.

Currently, the company produces high quality nanofiber - a material made by impregnating several layers of paper with subsequent pressing. A feature of this material is the inclusion of silver ions while producing which increases its antimicrobial properties. The main products of the company are respiratory masks and separation membranes for various applications. Upon request of the customer, the company can produce products of various shapes with the inclusion of a coal filter.

Jan Buk expressed interest in cooperation with the enterprises of the national nanoindustry for the supply of finished products to Russia and the creation of new high-tech industries. In addition, Pardam is looking for a partner from the Russian party to participate in international programs supporting R&D.

Olga Kryukova, in her turn, told about the activities of the Russian Nanoindustry Association and its member companies, and expressed her gratitude to Jan Buk for his interest to the Russian nanoindustry.

Following the results of the meeting, the parties agreed on the exchange of presentation materials: Pardam specialists are ready to send advertising and explanatory leaflets about the products produced, NP RNA in turn agreed to deliver these materials to member companies for their consideration for possible cooperation, as well as joint participation in international programs supporting R&D.

In case of interest in working with Pardam NP RNA invites to send their proposals to e-mail: and

For more details about Pardam, please, refer to the official company website