Workshop System for Evaluating Skills in Nanoindustry and High-Tech Sectors: Reviewing Results

The workshop participants will discuss the main activities of the program entitled Developing a System for Evaluating Skills in Nanoindustry for the period from 2016 through 2018. The objectives of the workshop include:
discussing the upcoming changes in the national system of professional skills;
developing solutions for their practical implementation; determining the requirements for implementing the system tools in high-tech companies;
carrying out an expert review of pilot projects in the sector and shaping a uniform perception of their content and tools.

A separate section will be devoted to the current state of affairs in the implementation of the skill evaluation system in small and medium businesses.
The workshop will serve as a communication and expert platform offering favorable conditions to entrepreneurs and professionals to exchange experience and ideas, while making the most use of interactive discussions.
The workshop is expected to produce a roadmap for the implementation of the skill evaluation system in nanoindustry, including functional interaction and networking mechanisms.

The workshop will be attended by: the Committee on Innovations and Industry; the Saint Petersburg Committee on Labor and Employment; and the Fund for Industrial Development. Participation in the conference is free of charge.